A 21st Century tool for creating business advantage

Back in the day, Job Evaluation was a tedious, expensive necessity for organisations wishing to protect themselves from Equal Pay claims and other worthy but draining issues – it was never seen or used as a business tool and was greeted with a mood of weary resignation. Outside consultants would camp on your lawns and spend months if not years deploying their most junior staff in the lengthy exercise of preparing job descriptions and evaluating them using their proprietary tools.

These days, businesses simply will not put up with the inconvenience, cost and upheaval.

But…. Far-sighted businesses of all sizes are rediscovering the power of this technique to underpin everything from pay structures and incentives though to talent management and career planning.

Our consultants have carried out over 300 Job Evaluation projects, in every industry imaginable. We have changed and honed our approach – what we do looks nothing like the cumbersome processes of the past.

There is no longer any need to buy unwieldly, generic systems – its quicker and more effective to design a system which fits your business perfectly and ticks all of the Equal Value boxes, if these are of concern to you.

We help our clients to quickly produce the job information needed, create a great Factor Plan, and evaluate the jobs smoothly in a matter of days, all the time providing a complete audit trail.

For many companies, the most challenging issue is to reconcile the external “pay market” with internal “equity” – how jobs should be paid according to internal “worth”. We can help you to understand the market outside, decide where you want to pay in that market, and fit your philosophy into a sound internal, properly-evaluated structure. WE can do this with minimum disruption and in a timescale measured in weeks.


Job Evaluation, Grade Structure and Market comparison – all produced in 6 weeks.

Major Technology company, Utah, United States

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