Whether you are an HR Specialist with a Global Role, or a Senior Executive looking for new opportunities, we can help you decide upon a winning strategy

Through our collective expertise in guiding organisations to better manage their people, it has often been suggested that we should offer informal mentoring services to help talented individuals to achieve their full potential. We are very happy to do this, and are encouraged by the results achieved.

This is quite different from formal coaching services – we act as confidant and as a sounding board, mainly for those intending to change their jobs, and also for those who just need to talk to someone who understands the professional world we all work in.

For our clients and our WorldatWork course participants, we offer advice on a pro bono basis when we can. For those working in charities, we are pleased to help on a similar pro bono basis. For others, we will provide a guiding hand and sensible advice for a small nominal charge.

It is uplifting to see people move their careers forward – long-term relationships are forged and we enjoy helping to make good things happen.

If you would like to talk about informal mentoring, please contact Alan Gibbons