Salary and Reward Consultants

There are many good reasons private and public organisations may seek reward consulting to undertake a fundamental review of their reward arrangements

The most fundamental work we do involves helping clients to reappraise where value is being created, redesigning pay according to value added, and the degree to which jobs are mission-critical. This is perhaps the most radical change to traditional pay design in recent years, and one which helps clients see very clearly where they should really be investing their payroll dollars.

The most fundamental reasons to use a salary and reward consultant are:

  • To understand and counter adverse/unexpected employee behaviour, e.g. poor performance, high attrition, unexplained turnover and poor global alignment and mobility;
  • To rebalance the pay formula and place more or less of their pay spend into particular pay categories, i.e reallocation between base, short term incentive and long term incentives to change the behaviour of particular sections of the workforce;
  • To re-appraise what people actually do: you would be surprised by how far many companies have moved away from their original mission, and the extent to which informal job duties and pay systems have taken over, leading to no really true yardstick by which to measure how jobs and their incumbents should be paid relative to each other;
  • To revitalise incentives – perhaps the largest area of activity – to ensure that the tasks to be incentivised are fully aligned with company goals;
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