Talent management strategy

Our Talent and performance management strategy service enables you to compare costs and clearly understand the return on your investments.

It is difficult to create complex pay and incentive design strategies, and review the implications of innovative new ideas which will enable you to introduce and monitor the very best talent strategies with confidence. Spreadsheets are unwieldy, and system modifications – even if you can get your solution – are prohibitively expensive and slow. Add-on software packages simply trade one set of limitations for another, and creates silos – all at significant expense.


To Incentivise and get the best out of your talented workforce, you need precise information to plan a strong talent management strategy and monitor results on a real-time basis.

The Reward Practice can provide you with powerful Talent Management & Workforce Planning tools and Dash-boards that are fast, simple to use and maintain, yet powerful enough to integrate a variety of business tasks . These tools will provide you with all of the diagnostic and modeling capability you need. Solutions are tailored to fit your exact business requirements and there is no need for IT support or other annual fees.

We will show you how you can have a system as easy to use and infinitely flexible as an Excel spreadsheet. We deliver a foolproof workflow managed by customised menu functions.

We automate the repetitive, time intensive tasks and take the hours and effort – and cost – out of the administration of process. We create time for making better talent and business decisions.

Talent and reward management consultantsAnd the best news is that this tool is already sitting under-utilised on your desktop, and can be developed at a cost that is a fraction of alternatives or system modifications. We take the most complex process and give you “click of the mouse” ease.

The possibilities for your corporate talent management are limited only by your imagination. We don’t replace your system or sell you software – we make your system better. The bottom line is that you already have powerful software and a network available for employees to use, so the investment in software and computer infrastructure has already been made.

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